Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Business of Being Born. Fascinating.

A little Shout out for Ricky Lake and Abby Epstein. After reading Freakonomics I occasionally wonder if things are really being done in the best interest of the consumer. I wonder if dentists are doing root canals because they're profitable - or because their patient needs it. Or if doctors are doing things in their best interest or the interest of the bottom line. Ricky and Abby did a great job in sharing the research they discovered in their documentary, The Business of Being Born.

I think they did an excellent job. They talk to expectant mothers, midwives, doctors, nurses and learn about politics in hospitals. They bring out the statistics and the numbers are compelling and alarming. It really comes down to being educated about your choices. Sometimes we don't even know that we have choices. Check it out, they've done a good bulk of the research for you. Its a great place to start to learn about what choices you really do have in regards to child birth.

You can watch it online at Netflix or just get yourself a copy. is great. (Just a little FYI - you watch women give birth and there is footage of a c-section - its a little graphic and there is a little nudity - don't be shocked)

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