Thursday, January 24, 2008

U2 Sundance 3D I think Scary Movies just got Scarier.

At Sundance U2 (yes, U2 with Bono) showcased a new 3d technology. Ooooooooo. Aaaaaahhhhh. Its Stereograph fine tuned. Saweet. 3ality Digital LLC of Burbank, California put some hard work and some smarty pants ingenuity to work. You have to wear some glasses still, but its not the red and green ones. They are focusing on high-quality 3d content and from their web page they are working on everything from cell phones to IMax projects. I didn't see the U2 3D, I was just so excited I had to let ya all know!

On a side note, looks like Blue-ray is taking the lead in the hd-dvd Blue-ray battle. Warner Home Video switched to Blue-ray. Looks like downloading content could give Blue-ray a run for its money. What does that have anything to do with anything? Do you own some HD Dvds? Or say CDs with photos on 'em? Technology is on the move again and the market will help decide what happens. Enjoy.

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