Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Our First Senior Field Trip! The Very Exotic Salt Flats!

I love field trips! Don't you? I love the behind the scenes look at how places run..but that's another entry for another day..lol. Anyway..I took Lyndsi Daaaaling to the Salt Flats...I had a great time! I hope she did too, even if the salt was very...I'm talking very wet. Poor thing..such a trooper! If you're interested in a field trip or a road trip..I'm soooo up for it. On to a handful of my favs. I couldn't decide..so I'm showing more than usual..lol. First up our own little down town.

The salt flats: Sexy Shoes..baby!
Just over the city of Wendover before we called it a night.
A big Thank You!! Thank You!! to Zack Arias for my new Lighting Skills!

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