Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oh, My Heck! ---> well it is Utah, People! LOL.

On the news I remember seeing a story about a woman last year. She was going to the White House to give the president an egg she had painted that would be representing Utah. For some reason it just stuck with me. I thought it was pretty cool. Here's the egg that's at the White House:

Isn't it awesome?!! I think its so lovely. Its an ostrich egg so its large compared to your regular chicken egg.

I got a phone call that my sister-in-law was going to take a group of girls over to learn how to paint, (well its more of a dyeing than painting) Ukrainian Eggs. I of course jumped at the chance. Its called Pysanky and its completely different than the egg at the White House. Turns out though it was the woman who painted the egg for the White House! Mrs. Carolyn Kemp of West Valley, Utah. How cool is that??!?!! She told us all about the tradition of dyeing Easter eggs and that the Ukrainian women would decorate them and put a lot of thought and prayerfulness into the eggs..after they dyed them they would hope that the symbols on them would bring good fortune to the families they would give them to the next day. I found it to be very lovely and I like knowing where traditions come from!
Here we are Carolyn and I. It was kinda warm hovering over the flame..so I'm a little pink...lol.

Then we tried our hands at it. I guess its just my crafty genes..but I enjoyed it! LOL. Anyway, its like Batiking with fabric. You cover the area you don't want to dye with beeswax (it smelled so good.) Then dip the egg in a color..then cover the area you want to keep that color and dip..from light to dark. Then you melt away the wax and reveal a master piece!
This is after I've dipped and dyed! Just before we melted the wax:

Melting the wax:My Egg - Pretty good for a first timer!
There are only a couple really good places to get supplies if your interested...Here's one!
http://www.babasbeeswax.com/ or just google Pysanky or Kistka (thats the tool you melt the wax in.)

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