Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blog Tag and I'm it?!?!

Alrighty then...Jennifer Grigg, tagged me and the motivation to blog just has escaped me, I should have put this post up a good while ago....arg. I have to come up with 8 interesting things about myself....hmmmmmmm.

I love pirate themed things ...I know its out of control. It all started with that game...Monkey's Island. Its awesome. will tell you all about Lucas Arts, gotta love 'em. Which I dare say the first and second Pirates of the Caribbean in the Disney Series is completely based off of. I'm sure eventually I'll grow out of this phase, me maties.

Ever since the seventh grade I've been curious about all things 3-d, you know stereographs and holograms 'n the like.

I have my bachelors in Geography from the University of Utah...Go UTES! I have my Associates from UVSC in Graphic and Commercial Art. I guess though as of this summer, they are UVU...Go Wolverines! I'm thinking about getting my masters, because I love school..maybe I'm nuts.

I love Museums and PBS.

My favorite ice cream is rocky road with the little marshmallows. NOT the kind with the swirl of marshmallow cream. ewwww. It has to be the little marshmallows. LOL.

I love smart ideas and learning how things work. All that behind the scenes stuff and understanding how we got this product or to that conclusion.

I love good design, it doesn' t matter what era its from, if its good design it will transend - useful things can also be beautiful!

I am a Fontaholic! shhhhhh. I love

If you haven't been tagged yet, then tag your it.

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