Monday, June 25, 2007

E2 Ever Evolving Seminar in Salt Lake City!!!

Brody Dezember and David Salomone are hosting a great seminar in Salt Lake City!!! I'm so excited and learning a ton!! Today we searched for backgrounds and talked about the process of looking for places to shoot along with tips on how to further our creativity and think outside the box. These two are a couple of smart cookies. Its really interesting to see how other people think and their thought process. It's also very cool to be inspired by other photographers.

I also had such a great idea!! We came across this Storage Place, and I thought what a cute "save the date"!!!! We could put the garage door with the number in a calendar like it belonged there or find cool numbers in the city and photograph the couple around/with those numbers!! It would be soooo fun!! LOL.

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