Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Restoration Projects....Yes I can do that too.

I love old photos. I think they should be preserved, as I'm sure you do too. Especially when its a cherished photo. Professional Photography is such a luxury, to pay someone to come to you set up a background and take your portrait was a big deal a million years ago and still is even today. Chemicals, flashes lenses etc and not everyone knew how it all worked. Some people even thought of a photograph as some sort of voodoo. (we've come a long way 'eh?) So when it comes to restoration I take the most gentle care because these are family heirlooms that are cherished. Just as your new photographs today should be. Snapshots are fun! Scrapbooks are full of them, but you still want to use acid free everything, why wouldn't you use the best products to protect your precious memories? That's why I use Kodak Professional Papers every chance I get, its proven to endure 100 years and still retain its great color. Okay off my soap box and on to the pictures. Before and After...Restoration.

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